How I Work

You can set a telephone appointment with me through the appointment calendar below.

The charge is $125 for 1 hour; $400 for 4 hours. You can pay with your credit card or Paypal after you fill out the short form below and click "Continue and Pay."

For Instructions to
Make an Appointment and Pay
Click Below...

Click on the Calendar day you wish to make an Appointment.

Select a single 1 hour time period, or you can make multiple appointments at one time, on the same or different days.

The Appointments you make will appear, below the calendar. If you want to Cancel an Appointment before paying, click the "X" to the right of your Appointment, under the calendar.

After you fill out this form, click Continue and Pay, and it will take you to Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, you can log in and pay. If you don't, select "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" and you can then use a Credit or Debit card to pay. After you receive a confirmation payment email from me, call to confirm the time(s).


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